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My submission to
the Public Art Project.

based on the
ol' Rubiik's Cube:

After designing the
template for the cube
in Freehand I began
the process of cutting
the wood and
assembling the panels.
Six panels need
to be made to
complete the cube.
I used the computer to
design a slide that could
be perfectly projected to
transfer the grid in pencil.
The method assured that
the squares look flat if
viewed from the same

After seeing the
projection I think I'm
going to continue the
grid onto the base.
After positioning the cube on Doe's head, sans bottom, I used a compass to measure the distance between the side of the cube and the figure, and carefully cut the panel with a jigsaw.
Only after getting the bottom panel cut and placed could I drill the holes for the two large 27" bolts that would ultimately secure the cube to the Doe.
Epoxy paste was used to cover the bollts and to fill the small gaps between the bottom panel and the Doe. Primer was added after shaping and sanding.
With the bottom in place
I can freely slip the rest of
the cube on and off Doe's
head for easy painting.
I chose to paint the
sqaures first. Once all
of the colors are applied,
I will, as the Rolling Stones
suggested, paint it black.
The process of painting
is taking me longer than I
had planned. I have to
put on 2-3 layers of paint
with some colors. I finally
started painting the base.
The two dimensional
view looks pretty spiffy,
don't you think?

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